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The May Queen and the Oak King at Beltane

Updated: Jun 4

The May Queen worshipping at the May Pole

Like light on the meadows we dwell;

Like twilight clings heart unto heart;

Like midnight the depth of the spell

Our love weaves, and stronger than hell

The guards of our palace of art.

We are one as the dew that is drawn

By the sun from the sea: we are curled

In curves of delight an of dawn,

On the lone, the immaculate lawn,

Beyond the wild way of the world.

-from The May Queen, Aleister Crowley

Photo: Fin

In this time of the May Queen and the Oak King, the Green Man- the peak of spring and beginning of summer-Beltane- our ritual included Offering the Nine Sacred Woods to the Fires of Beltane:

The fires of Beltane

Alder for protection

Ash for abundance

Birch for renewal

Hawthorn for courage

Hazel for creativity

Holly for healing

Oak for strength

Rowen for wisdom

Willow for resilience

The May Queen Goddess and The Green Man jumping the flames for purification and protection- while spinning into the Season of the Sun.

Photo: Fin

Watch the ritual video on Instagram or TikTok.

The Oak King wearing a May Pole amulet, standing in front of the fires of Beltane

The May Queen and Beltane collection will be available at the Lehigh Valley Wicked Oddities Market- June 8th and 9th - organized by The Wicked Botanist

We also worked with @chriscicphotography to capture the manifestation of renewal and union- below is one of the images from the magical photo shoot.

The May Queen and Oak King resting in a grove of spring flowers

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