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The Home of The Morrigan, Samhain and the Origin of Halloween

Updated: Jan 4

Goddess, The Morrigan Dancing in the night, in the firelight

Mother Morrigan

Tuck me into the folds

Of your midnight

Teach me to sink

And count the stars

Teach me to die well

So I might live

Teach me to dance

With a bleeding heart

And raven wings

In Ireland, at the Rathcroghan archaeological complex, under a Hawthorn tree, we entered The Gates of Hell, a passage to the Otherworld, Uaimh na gCait (Oweynagat)- the Cave of Cats. This sacred site is believed to be the birthplace of Samhain- of Halloween.

The crawling descent into the sunken portal is tight, slippery-powerful- with the quiet damp darkness seeping into every pore- the beckoning transformation of the dark.

Photos: Fin

On the Eve of Samhain, The Morrigan, Guardian of the Dead, emerges from the mouth of Oweynagat, flanked by beasts and ghouls of the night to float about in the liminal space of the turn of the season.

Inspired by the visit to the cave and the lore:

A capture of part of our Samhain Ritual- invoking, embodying, honoring The Morrigan- the Triple Goddess, Phantom Queen of war, protection, witchcraft, death and retribution. We can hold all versions of the self, feel the ancestral whisper in our blood and bones- pulsation of embrace and release- to manifest.

This crow claw amulet is a Prayer to the shapeshifting Goddess. Crows are an omen of death, rebirth, alchemy. The Quartz crystal is for clarity and discernment-the harsh truth.

Check out the Ritual Worship video on Instagram or TikTok!

An electroplated crow claw grasping a raw quartz crystal on a black background.

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