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Awakening Brigid and Imbolc

Updated: Feb 7

Goddess Brigid holding a Brigid's Wheel woven from native grass

Traditionally made from native grains, grasses, or rushes, Brigid’s Wheels (also referred to as Brigid’s Crosses) are a pre-Christian symbol for the ancient Irish goddess of smithcraft, the arts, fertility, healing and midwifery. The symbol is also called a Sun Wheel or Solar Cross and its association with Brigid indicates that She was revered originally as a Sun goddess.

This complements the story of Her birth: She arrived into the world at sunrise on Imbolc, born in the threshold with flames about Her forehead just as the Sun came over the horizon.

My Brigid’s Wheels are woven from the native grasses, oats and grains of the land where I am currently living in Northern California, far from the green shores of Her Emerald Isle. Her followers would have used whatever materials they had on hand to make their wheels, Brigid being a resourceful domestic goddess. Her wheels/crosses would have been crafted the eve before Imbolc (roughly Jan 31st-2nd) and hung about the home to invite the Goddess and Her blessings inside.

-Nessa Lee of Song of the Selkie

I met Nessa during a Tantric Herbalism Retreat in Ireland. Over these past few blog entries, I have been sharing some of my experiences and Goddess encounters from the magickal corners of the island. When we visited one of Brigid's sacred wells, it wasn't one of the places that I felt the most moved by. I didn't feel as intense of vibrations, or expierience any visions, like I had in other locations.

My deeper connection with Brigid has come later. After the transition of my beloved dog, Ele. Brigid too, knows grief. And Brigid is the Goddess of the Returning Sun at Imbolc. A time of quiet growth in the underground belly of the Earth- of potential, of hope in the difficulties of transformation.

In part of our ceremony, the Imbolc Ritual Worship video on Instagram and TikTok - we show our interpretation of a version of the lore that surrounds An Cailleach and Brigid. While the two (or one) are intrinsically connected, we show how The Cailleach, Goddess of Winter, is called to a sacred spring to drink from the holy waters in the time of Imbolc, and melts away- dies - transforms into Brigid, the Goddess of the early days of spring.

A Brigid's Wheel, surrounded by amulets to invoke and embody the Goddess of Imbolc

Amulets to aid in invoking, embodying, honoring Brigid.

While the amulets I created for The Cailleach and the Winter Solstice were made from Quartz, Hagstones, and Blackthorn branches; the ones for Awakening Brigid and Imbolc are made from Morganite, Petalite, Ametrine and Oak branches. In the stories, Brigid is associated with Oak trees that symbolize her guidance and protection.

Round pieces of phantom quartz have also been made into prayers for this time of melting snow and ice- water droplets heavy on thorny branch- waiting to drip off and explode into the saturated earth, rich with possibility.

Each amulet purchased will be sent with a Brigid's Wheel made by Nessa- Song of the Selkie.

In addition, I will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Baltimore Animal Rescue Care Shelter, as they helped with Ella's adoption 15 years ago. This is an effort towards giving animals the possibility of finding new beginnings and forever homes

Song of the Selkie was dreamed up by Nessa Lee, an eclectic witch, Ayurvedic practitioner, Herbalist, Bodyworker and Artist. Nessa creates custom small batch herbal remedies, flower essences, hydrosols, tea blends and decorative tea accessories, along with ritual candles, kits, anointing oils, and more. Weaving together clinical herbal processes, folk medicine and magick, mythology, folklore and mental health tools, Song of the Selkie offers ritual items to replenish your Vitality and enliven your Soul.

You can find Nessa Lee on Etsy at:

FB: Song of the Selkie Healing Arts

IG: @song.of.the.selkie


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