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The Spring Equinox and Ostara

The embodiment of the Goddess Ostara holding a crystal egg and a bird skeleton- the balance of life and death

The Goddess of the Resurrection, holding the moment of balance, of life and death-

before the bloom of the new beginning.

Situating where moonlight and sunlight are woven together in perfect stasis.

Ostara and the Spring Equinox.

Photo: Fin

The March Hare transitioning from life to death over an original sigil, inspired by Baltic symbology for safe passage

I found this rabbit, lifeless in the melting snow. I wrapped them gently and took them home.

In honoring their life and time of transition- I created a sigil inspired by Alchemy and Baltic Symbology, for safe passage and new beginnings.

While the bones of this dear one will not be ready by the time of the Spring Equinox, the outside circle is made from stones that I've used in the Ostara collection.

Circle, Spiral: Honoring the cycles of life and death

Downward Facing Triangle, Māra's Earth: Underground transformation, maternal love

Morning Star, Zvaigzne: The world in motion, the balance of life and death

Crosses, Krusts: Protection, unity

Martina: Light, fire, new beginnings

The Well, Aka: The stability of the Earth, the portal of the Sun, the wisdom to learn from the past and take it into the future


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