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Soil Chromatography 1: Hampden Baltimore MD

Soil Chromatography 1: Hampden Baltimore MD

Soil chromatography is a photographic process. Finely ground soil is absorbed by filter paper that has been prepared with silver nitrate, and spreads by capillary action, and a 'picture' of the soil appears.  The soil used here is from Stony Run Park in Hampden, Baltimore, MD.


The image is framed in a two sided glass display- 5" diameter


Wild Bone Alchemy offers adornments and altar pieces for sacred practice of earth traditions. All amulets and altar pieces are made from foraged bone and other forest found materials, integrated with metalwork and burning of ancestral symbols. To the end of honoring these creatures, and inspiring the adorned to call their own magic back through provoking curiosity of the ultimate alchemy, life and death.

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