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Curiosity Coffins

Curiosity Coffins

Curiosity coffins for the Samhain altar-honor the dead. Runes for life and death burned into the front.



-deer vertebra + wasp nest: coffin size: 8x5x2 inches

-bird foot + tourmaline: coffin size: 8x5x2 inches


-fox vertebrae + scapula: coffin size: 6x4x2 inches

-deer atlas vertebra: coffin size: 6x4x2 inches


-rat skull + tail: coffin size: 4.75x2.75x1.75 inches

-deer antler tips: 4.75x2.75x1.75 inches


*specify style in the notes during checkout 


"Monsters and manifestations would emerge, led by the goddess Morrigan, to create a world ready for winter, including birds with foul breath that would strip leaves from trees."