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Brigid's Wheel

Brigid's Wheel

A capture of part of our Imbolc Ritual- invoking, embodying, honoring, awakening Brigid- The Goddess of Fire, the Coming of Spring, Healing, Poetry and Smithcraft. The Cailleach drinks from the sacred well and melts into her renewed form- Brigid.


Death as transformation.

Maintaining the balance of darkness and light.

Imbolc Blessings.
Read the blog for more on this Ritual.

To honor our dog Ella's passing, 10% of sales from the Awakening Brigid and Imbolc Collection will be given to Baltimore Animal Rescue Care Shelter (BARCS) to support animals in finding safe, loving forever homes.


Brigid's Wheel, handmade by Nessa Lee @song.of.the.selkie


The Wheels are woven from the native grasses, oats and grains of the land where she is currently living in Northern California, far from the green shores of Her Emerald Isle. Her followers would have used whatever materials they had on hand to make their wheels, Brigid being a resourceful domestic goddess. Her wheels/crosses would have been crafted the eve before Imbolc (roughly Jan 31st-2nd) and hung about the home to invite the Goddess and Her blessings inside, as well as for protection.

Song of the Selkie was dreamed up by Nessa Lee, an eclectic witch, Ayurvedic practitioner, Herbalist, Bodyworker and Artist. Nessa creates custom small batch herbal remedies, flower essences, hydrosols, tea blends and decorative tea accessories, along with ritual candles, kits, anointing oils, and more. Weaving together clinical herbal processes, folk medicine and magick, mythology, folklore and mental health tools, Song of the Selkie offers ritual items to replenish your Vitality and enliven your Soul.

Wild Bone Alchemy offers adornments and altar pieces for sacred practice of earth traditions. All amulets and altar pieces are made from foraged bone and other forest found materials, integrated with metalwork and burning of ancestral symbols. To the end of honoring these creatures, and inspiring the adorned to call their own magic back through provoking curiosity of the ultimate alchemy, life and death.

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